Fall in love, visit Portugal

Believe me or not, even with such a bad weather, Portugal is enjoyable, lovable, a well balanced mix of sea, mountains, great food, culture, and charming people… more

King's Day !

If you don't know anything about the celebration of the King in Netherlands, you should read this. It was eventually the first year celebrating a king, after de… more

Another "botanic" place

For those who might be interested the "botanic one" is the botanic garden of Meise, near by Brussels. Worth the tour, with kids as well, and there's a nice pave… more

Macro with the fuji x-pro 1 ?

I'm not a "flower" guy. Really not. If I love mountain, nature, trees, green fields, I really don't care about the flowers. Ok, it's here and there, bringing an… more

Sir, Yes SIR !

On the occasion of a short week end in the south of Belgium, we had the opportunity to visit a colleague that loves WWII stuff. "Stuff" is way not enough to d… more