I know, the title sounds like an ad for whatever travel company.

Still, I've had an opportunity to pass by Portugal recently, and there was so many things to discover that I decided to come back for a long week end.

Lucky me, it was one of the most rainy week end I've ever encounter in my short life. Worse, while I was discovering the joy of handling an umbrella AND a backpack AND a camera AND soaked shoes AND a falling-in-pieces travel guide, the weather was great in Brussels, allowing its inhabitants to have the last barbecue of the year (grrrr!).

But, believe me or not, even with such a bad weather, Portugal is enjoyable, lovable, a well balanced mix of sea, mountains, great food, culture, and charming people. I brought back only few pictures, mostly taken while not raining, but with the plan to get there again in April or May next year, and complete the album.

All this with my brand new Fuji X-T1 and the 18-55. A great camera, if you're hesitating, give it a try. It's...disturbing for a while, but you get use to its behaviour very quickly. The way it fits in hand makes it forgettable but...always with you.